Cutstar Carbide--Nozzles
Cutstar Carbide--NOZZLES

Cutstar Carbide Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Tungsten Carbide products and is accomplished in manufacturing Wear-Resistant Parts. Through our intensive design and development, and being supported by European senior specialists, Cutstar Carbide has become an expert manufacturer of superb range of Abrasive Blasting Nozzle Liners and Finished Nozzles. Our nozzles cover Long Venturi Nozzle, Short Venturi Nozzles, Angle Nozzles, Light Duty Nozzles, Spin Blast Nozzles, Stickup Nozzles, Hollow Blast Nozzles, Double Venturi Nozzles and Water Jet Nozzles. Cutstar Carbide can also design and manufacture nozzles on customers’ requests.
In addition to the tungsten carbide nozzles, Cutstar Carbide developed new special material grades for Blasting Nozzles. We are now able to supply Silicon Carbide and Aluminum Oxide nozzles, which are lighter, more economical, and have longer working life.
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